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  • Posted by Admin 2 on 23 Sep 2011

I was able to attend the get-together and what a crowd there was. We were well represented with lots of white hair around. It was a lovely gathering.

There is a new instrument at the home where I play, and what a joy it is. One button turns it from a piano into an organ and there are no pedals.

  • Posted by Admin 2 on 23 Sep 2011

Beryl says it must have been the East London wind that kept them healthy in their youth. Val Bowen’s (Wood) father was Woodwork Master at my old school – Cambridge High
Vi Malan (Gray) 41-42 lives in a Retirement home in Parys. She fell and broke her femur which is so unfortunate as she was very active – ran the library and was very involved. We started school on the same day.

  • Posted by Admin 2 on 23 Sep 2011

Our Friday afternoon Bible study continues at Kidbrooke and a house Group meeting on Tuesday evenings. With challenging studies on Jeremiah and ending with a good look at Lamentations

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